Error codes – Πλυντήρια ρούχων Bosch , Neff , Siemens – WVTi, WDi και V534

Μοντέλα που αρχίζουν από WVTi, WDi και V534. Έχουν τους ίδιους κωδικούς σφαλμάτων γιατί είναι κατασκευασμένα με το ίδιο πρότυπο.
Antiflood device in base has been activated
·         Check for leak
·         Check float switch in washing machine base
Washer dryer wash NTC (temperature sensor) shorted or open circuit
·         Check wiring
·         Check wash NTC
Water inlet valve error detected
·         Check water supply to the washing machine is on
·         Check fill hose is not kinked
·         Check inlet valve filter
·         Check water inlet valve
Drain error detected
·         Check drain pump filter
·         Check drain pump for blockage or restriction
·         Check outlet hose for blockage or obstruction
·         Check drain pump operation
·         Check drain pump wiring
Motor fault detected
·         Check motor connector block
·         Check wiring
·         Check motor carbon brushes
·         Check tacho connections
·         Check motor
Dryer NTC detected open or shorted
·         Check wiring to dryer temperature sensor
·         Check NTC


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