Error codes – Πλυντήρια ρούχων Samsung – γενικά

Not filling in allocated time
This is essentially a fill timeout error which will normally mean that either the water isn’t on or that an inlet valve has failed.
Pump won’t empty – not draining
As usual with these error codes for not draining the first thing to do is check the pump filter but, on Samsung washing machines, the drain pump itself is often faulty. Also see below about detergent use as it applies to drain errors as well as overfill error codes.
Overflow – overfilling with water
This fault code tells you that the washing machine has detected an overfill situation and, usually, they will stop and drain for safety then report the error code above.
This error can be caused by poor quality detergent or overdosing detergent both leading to excessive foam. This foam traps air in the pressure sensor hose and falsifies the error of an overfill. If this is the case, if you leave the machine for an hour or so and try it again it should then be clear but, whatever you do when you try it again do not put more detergent in the machine.
Out Of Balance (OOB) detected
This is basically an imbalanced wash load detected that the machine has failed to sort out on its own and therefore couldn’t spin to the full speed. Just sort the load and try it again.
Water temp rising or falling too quickly
Normally an NTC temperature sensor or wiring to the sensor that’s faulty.
Water temp rising or falling too quickly
As above.
Pressure switch
The error code is telling you that there is an error or fault somewhere in the pressure switch circuit, this could be the switch itself, the wiring or the main control module.
Temp too high on low temp washes
Normally this will be the wash temperature thermistor or NTC that’s faulty.
Water leak, Water level has reduced
Basically this fault code means that the water level has dropped while the machine has been running so, it’s either a leak, faulty pressure sensor, wiring, water escaping to the drain or the control PCB.
Motor tacho generator error
Self explanatory fault code.
Motor triac error
As above.
As fault code E8
Door Open
Close the door and restart the program!

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