Error codes – Πλυντήρια πιάτων Bosch Logixx Series

A or B
Aqua sensor faulty
·         Check anti-flood system
·         Check for leaks
No tacho pulses detected from motor
·         Check motor tacho wiring
·         Check motor
Short circuit to triac for main circulation motor
·         Check wiring to dishwasher motor
·         Check main control module wiring
·         Check triac on main PCB for damage
Divertor valve switching error
Where the dishwasher model has the half load function there is a divertor valve fitted that allows the dishwasher to be fed either the upper, lower or both baskets as selected.
·         Check divertor valve
·         Check dicvertor valve wiring
Fill timout
The water level required to operate has not been reached level in six minutes
·         Check water supply
·         Check water inlet valve
·         Check fill chamber for correct operation
·         Checl wiring to water valve
Water points error
·         Divertor triac fault on main control board
·         Short circuit in wiring
Heating error
The heating phase has timed out as no temperature rise is detected.
·         Check water heating element for continuity
·         Check thermostats
·         Check wiring to heater including through the door
·         Check heater relay on control PCB
·         Check pressure switch
NTC fault
·         Check NTC (thermistor) and thermostats
·         Check wiring
Safety level error
·         Check pressure sensor
·         Check wiring to pressure sensor


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