Error codes – Πλυντήρια πιάτων LG

Dishwasher water intake has timed out
·         Check that water supply is on
·         Check fill valve
·         Check wiring
·         Check electronic controller
Dishwasher has timed out on draining
·         Check drain pump for obstacles or blockage
·         Check drain pump is not open circuit
·         Check wiring
·         Check outlet drain hose for obstructions
·         Check plumbing for obstructions
·         Check electronic controller
Dishwasher has detected a water leak 
·         Check for leaks
·         Check float switch operation
·         Check wiring
·         Check electronic controller
Dishwasher has detected and overfill of water, float switch activated
·         Commonly caused by using multi-function detergent tablets
·         Check for leakage of water into base of the dishwasher
·         See notes
Thermistor or temperature read error
·         Thermistor open circuit
·         Thermistor shorted
·         Check and replace faulty or damaged thermistor
Heating error which can be either a no heat time out or the temperature exceeds 95˚C
·         Check heater
·         Check wiring
·         Check and replace faulty or damaged thermistor

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