Error codes – Πλυντήρια ρούχων Beko WMA

Beko WMA σειρές με Display
NTC error detected
·         Check wiring
·         Check thermistor which will normally read approximately 4700 Ohms at 25˚C
Not heating error
·         Check heater as it is detected as being open circuit
·         Check wiring
Constant heat
·         Check wiring
·         Check control board relay for heater
Filling error detected
You can see the machine constantly filling and discharging water, no wash action or the door is jammed causing this error to occur.
·         Check water valve
·         Check valve triac on PCB
·         Check PCB
·         Check wiring
Failure to drain
Often this is reported as being a failure to drain the water from the washing machine, the program taking too long or not spinning.
·         Check for blockages or obstructions in the pump filter
·         Check pump
·         Check pump triac on PCB
·         Check control board
Motor fault detected
Often the complaint when this error occurs is that teh washing machine will move a couple of times then the program will end, the machine will jump to spin during a wash or the program is unfinished.
·         Check motor
·         Check wiring
·         Check motor triac on control PCB
·         Check PCB
Level sensor error
The complaint will be that the washing machine empties every time it is started of that the program simply does not start.
·         Check wiring to level sensor
·         Check level sensor
Failure to fill with water
The washing machine will fail to fill leading to complaints that the program takes too much time, the program does not end, the machine will not fill with water or that the washing machine just drains and nothing else.
·         Check water valve
·         Check anti flood system if fitted
·         Check wiring
·         Check water valve triac
·         Check pump triac
·         Check control PCB
Door lock triac failure
·         Check door lock
·         Check wiring
·         Check door lock triac on the main control PCB
·         Check control PCB for operation
Door error
The door is detected as being jammed
·         Check door
·         Check door lock
·         Check door lock wiring
·         Check door lock triac on the control module
·         Check control module
Motor error detected
·         Check motor
·         Check wiring
·         Check motor triac on control PCB
·         Check PCB
Excessive foam detected
Generally this will be as a result of overfoaming from an incorrect detergent being used, a poor quality detergent being used or from overdosing. This is common across many brands especially in soft water areas.
This can take some time to clear and it is advised that you run several rinse only programs to clear any residue detergent still in the washing machine.
·         Reduce detergent dose and restart program
Unbalanced load detected
This error can be displayed where the machine has failed to spin or the time can seem to be extended.
·         Sort load and retry spin
Αυτή η διαδικασία δεν λειτουργεί σε κάποια μοντέλα. Στα περισσότερα όμως γίνεται επιτυχώς.


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