Error codes – κλιματιστικά ACSON

Error codes – κλιματιστικά ACSON

The code indication changes as shown below, and notifies with a long beep

00 Normal

A1 Indoor PCB error

A3 Drain pump abnormal

A5 Antifreeze (Cooling) / Heat exhanger overheat (Heating)

A6 Indoor fan motor abnormal

AH Electrical air cleaner abnormal

C4 Indoor heat exchanger (1) thermistor short/open

C5 Indoor heat exchanger (2) thermistor short/open

C7 Louver limit switch error

C9 Indoor room thermistor short/open

E1 Outdoor PCB error

E3 High pressure protection

E4 Low pressure protection

E5 Compressor motor lock / compressor overloaded

E6 Compressor start – up error

E7 Outdoor dc fan motor lock

E8 AC input over current

E9 EXV error

EA 4 way valve error

F3 Discharge pipe overheat

F6 Heat exchanger overheat

HO Compressor sensor system error

H3 High pressure switch error

H6 Compressor feedback detection error

H7 Fan motor overloaded / overcurrent / sensor abnormal

H8 AC current sensor error

E01 Require manual reset (possible causes)

E02 Compressor 1 high temperature (overload)

E03 Compressor 2 high temperature (overload)

E04 Compressor 3 high temperature (overload)

E05 Compressor 4 high temperature (overload)

E06 Compressor 1 high pressure trip / contact open

E07 Compressor 2 high pressure trip / contact open

E08 Compressor 3 high pressure trip / contact open

E09 Compressor 4 high pressure trip / contact open

E10 Compressor 1 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E11 Compressor 2 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E12 Compressor 3 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E13 Compressor 4 trip/low refrigerant/outdoor abnormal

E14 Room sensor short E32 Compressor 1 de-ice

E15 Room sensor open E33 Compressor 2 de-ice

E16 Indoor coil sensor 1 short E34 Compressor 3 de-ice

E17 Indoor coil sensor 2 short E35 Compressor 4 de-ice

E18 Indoor coil sensor 3 short

E19 Indoor coil sensor 4 short

E20 Indoor coil sensor 1 open

E21 Indoor coil sensor 2 open

E22 Indoor coil sensor 3 open

E23 Indoor coil sensor 4 open

E24 Outdoor coil sensor 1 short

E25 Outdoor coil sensor 2 short

E26 Outdoor coil sensor 3 short

E27 Outdoor coil sensor 4 short

E28 Outdoor coil sensor 1 open

E29 Outdoor coil sensor 2 open

E30 Outdoor coil sensor 3 open

E31 Outdoor coil sensor 4 open

E32 Compressor 1 de-ice

E33 Compressor 2 de-ice

E34 Compressor 3 de-ice

E35 Compressor 4 de-ice

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301)

E0 System malfunction

E1 Sensor Broken (TH1 discharge Temp.)

E2 Sensor Broken (TH2 inlet coil 1)

E3 Sensor Broken (TH3 mid coil 1)

E4 Sensor Broken (TH4 inlet coil 2)

E5 Sensor Broken (TH5 mid coil 2)

E6 Sensor Broken (TH6 inlet coil 3)

E7 Sensor Broken (TH7 mid coil 3)

E8 Sensor Broken (TH8 ambient temp)

E9 Sensor Broken (TH9 outlet coil)

EA Sensor Broken (TH10 subcool outlet)

EB Sensor Broken (TH11 subcool suction)

EC Sensor Broken (TH12 suction)

EF Emergency Run

F0 Outdoor Storage Malfunction

F1 Sensor Broken (indoor inlet coil)

F2 Sensor Broken (indoor mid coil)

Error Diagnosis by Wired Controller (MC301) 

F3 Sensor Broken (indoor outlet coil)

F4 Sensor Broken (indoor return air)

F5 Sensor Broken (indoor supply air)

F6 Indoor and controller communication malfunction

F7 Ambient temp exceed the limit

F8 4WV malfunction

F9 Refrigerant leakage

FA Controller storage malfunction

FB Water Pump (indoor water pump)

FC Indoor and outdoor communication malfunction

FE Master and slave communication malfunction

H0 Digital comp overload

H1 Fixed Comp1 overload

H2 Fixed Comp2 overload

H3 Fixed Comp3 overload

H4 High pressure too high

H5 Sensor broken, high pressure

H6 Discharge temp too high

L0 Super heat too low

L1 Low pressure too low

L2 Sensor broken, low pressure

1A Sensor broken (slave TH10 subcool outlet)

1B Sensor broken (slave TH11 subcool suction)

1C Sensor Broken (slave TH12 suction)

1F Emergency run (slave)

Error codes – κλιματιστικά ACSON

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