Error codes – κλιματιστικά AKAI

This air conditioner is equipped with a self-diagnosis function to help you identify potential problems. Βefore calling for service, consult the selfdiagnosis information below.

Indicates “dF”or heating icon blinks:Blinks once per second:Defrost indication

Fan motor picture not running:Blinks once per second:Anti cold wind

E2:Blinks once every 8 seconds:Room temperature sensor fault

E3:Blinks twice every 8 seconds:Coil temperature sensor

E8:Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Indoor fan fault

E5:Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor feedback

E7:Blinks 7 times every 8 seconds:External feedback fault

E0:Blinks 3 times every 8 seconds:Open the door fault

E1:Blinks 4 times every 8 seconds:Outdoor tube temperature sensor faults

E6:Blinks 6 times every 8 seconds:(EEPROM) Communication failures

FF:Blinks once per second:Outdoor temperature exceeds scope (too cold)

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