Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά Inventor (C2VI – B2VI – C2VO – B2VO)

Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά Inventor (C2VI – B2VI – C2VO – B2VO)


Models: C2VI-18 / C2VO-18 , B2VI-18 / B2VO-18 , C2VI-24 / C2VO-24 , B2VI-24 / B2VO-24

E1 High pressure protection of system

E2 Antifreezing protection

E4 High discharge temperature protection of compressor

E5 Overcurrent protection

E6 Communication malfunction

E8 High temperature resistant protection

EE EEPROM malfunction

EU IPM temp. is too high limit / decrease frequency

C5 Jump wire cap malfunction protection

F1 Indoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited

F2 Indoor evaporator temperature sensor is open/short circuited

F3 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor is open/short circuited

F4 Outdoor condenser temperature sensor is open/short circuited

F5 Outdoor air exhaust sensor is open/short circuited

F6 Overload limit/descending frequency

F8 Over current need frequency descending

F9 Air exhaust over high need frequency descending

FH Anti-freezing limit / decrease frequency

H3 Compressor overload protection

H5 IPM protection

H6 Indoor unit motor no feedback

H7 Compressor lose steps

HC PFC protection

HO Heating, anti-high temp. decliens

P5 Compressor current / ovecurrent protection

P7 Module sensor circuit diagram

P8 Module temp. over high protection

PH DC generatrix voltage is too high

PU Capacitor charge malfunction

PL Low DC Bus voltage protection

U1 Compressor unit testing circuit malfunction

U3 DC Bus voltage dips

U5 Complete unit current detection malfunction

U7 4-way valve abnormal

U8 Malfunction of zero-cross derection

L3 Fan module protection

Lc Starts up fail

See the table below for more details


Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών Inventor Models: C1VI – 18 / C1VO – 18 , C1VI – 24 / C1VO – 24

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