Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά TCL

Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά TCL DC Inverter

Before doing anything turn off the voltage for half an hour to reset the device. If the problem persists see the table below:

DisplayFunction IndicatorFault
E0RUN & TIMER: BlinkIndoor/outdoor communication fault
ECRUN & TIMER: BlinkOutdoor communication fault
E1RUN-1/8 secRoom temperature sensor
E2RUN-2/8 secIndoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor
E3RUN-3/8 secOutdoor pipe (coil) temperature sensor
E4RUN-4/8 secSystem abnormal
E5RUN-5/8 secModel configuration wrong
E6RUN-6/8 secIndoor fan motor fault
E7RUN-7/8 secOutdoor temperature sensor
E8RUN-8/8 secExhaust temperature sensor
E9RUN-9/8 secIntelligent power module of drive and module fault
EFRUN-10/8 secOutdoor fan motor fault (DC Motor)
EARUN-11/8 secCurrent sensor fault
EERUN-12/8 secEEPROM fault
EPRUN-13/8 secTemperature switch fault (on top of the compressor)
EURUN-14/8 secVoltage sensor fault
EHRUN-15/8 secIntake temperature sensor
P1RUN: Blink; TIMER: 1 blink /8 secOvervoltage / undervoltage protection
P2RUN: Blink; TIMER: 2 blink /8 secOvercurrent protection
P4RUN: Blink; TIMER: 4 blink /8 secExhaust overtemperature protection
P5RUN: Bright; TIMER: 5 blink /8 secSubcooling protection
under cooling mode
P6RUN: Bright; TIMER: 6 blink /8 secOverheating protection
under cooling mode
P7RUN: Bright; TIMER: 7 blink /8 secOverheating protection
under heating mode
P8RUN: Bright; TIMER: 8 blink /8 secOutdoor overtemperature
/ undertemperature protection
P9RUN: Blink; TIMER: 9 blink /8 secDrive protection (software control )
P0RUN: Blink; TIMER: 10 blink /8 secModule protection (hardware control)

Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά TCL DC Inverter

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