Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά AIRWELL (XVRCA , GCXVRCA)

Error codes – κωδικοί βλαβών κλιματιστικά AIRWELL (XVRCA , GCXVRCA)

Indoor units: XV26RCA , XV30RCA

Outdoor units: GCXV26RCA , GCXV30RCA

Self-diagnostics LampsSince the indications cover various units, the corresponding parts listed below may not be present in some models. 

Quiet (3) Timer (2) Operation (1) Error Diagnostics
OFF OFF Blinking S01 Room temperature sensor failure
OFF Blinking OFF S02 Indoor heat exchanger sensor failure
OFF Blinking Blinking S03 Humidity sensor failure
Blinking OFF OFF S04 Compressor temperature sensor failure
Blinking OFF Blinking S05 Outdoor heat exchanger sensor failure
Blinking Blinking OFF S06 Outdoor air temperature sensor failure
Blinking Blinking Blinking S07 Outdoor electrical current detection failure
OFF OFF ON E01 Indoor/outdoor communications failure
OFF ON OFF E02 HIC circuit failure. Power Tr (transistor) circuit failure
OFF ON ON E03 Outdoor unit external ROM (OTP data) failure
ON OFF OFF E04 Peak current cut-off
ON OFF ON E05 PAM circuit failure. Active circuit failure
ON ON OFF E06 Compressor discharge overheat prevention activated
ON ON ON E07 Indoor fan operating failure
Blinking Blinking ON E08 4-way valve switching failure. Indoor zero-cross failure
Blinking ON Blinking E09 No-refrigerant protection
Blinking ON ON E10 DC compressor drive circuit failure
ON Blinking Blinking E11 Outdoor fan operating failure
ON Blinking ON E12 Outdoor system communications failure. Outdoor high-pressure SW. OLR operation. Outdoor power supply open phase. Outdoor coil freezing
ON ON Blinking E13 Freeze-prevention operation activated

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